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An article which recently appeared in 360 Magazine was just picked up and published by The Good Men Project, a website dedicated to ethical men which receives 3 million visitors a month.

Here is an excerpt from “Are Money Issues Ruining Your Relationship? 5 Tips To Resolve Them:”


Money and the decisions spouses make with it are one of the main sources of stress among couples, and sometimes money issues end relationships or cause divorce. But differences can be solved or managed if couples learn to listen to each other and work as a team to formulate a sensible plan, says financial planner Aaron Leak (, the founder of ECL Private Wealth Management.

“No matter how long you have been together, financial issues can wreak havoc on a committed relationship,” Leak says. “When couples don’t agree about spending and saving habits, it causes arguments and resentment.

“But understanding what you’re fighting about and why helps you and your partner come up with solutions. By being transparent and honest with each other about your finances, you can not only prevent arguments that strain your relationship, but you will strengthen it.”

Read the entire article here:

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