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COVID Relief Benefits Set to Expire Soon

Expanded federal unemployment benefits end on Sept. 6, but some states are canceling the extra $300 payments early.


A number of expanded benefits offered as part of a COVID-19 federal relief package are scheduled to end in the coming months. These include unemployment, housing and loan benefits that could affect millions of Americans.

U.S. News & World Report asked Aaron Leak to weigh in, and WTOP News in Washington D.C. picked up the story.

“Across the states, it’s very different. Be educated about what changes are being made,” says Aaron Leak, founder and wealth manager at ECL Private Wealth Management, which serves the Chicago and Rockford areas in Illinois and the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. He says it’s important to ask, “Does that apply to you? Are you still able to take advantage of any other benefits?”

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